Motorcycle support SteadyStand Cross 5005

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Steadystand engine mount/ motorcycle mount especially for Dirt Bike or Enduro/ off-the-road

Brand: Acebikes
The galvanized STEADYSTAND CROSS has a clamping device.
With the help of the foot pedal you clamp your front wheel firmly, pulling in the springs is a thing of the past!
Because the front wheel is anchored, lashing straps are only needed at the rear.
Ideal for on a trailer or in a transporter.
Specially developed for cross bikes.
Suitable for: 18 to 21 inches. Tire width 90 and 120 mm.

By clamping the wheel in the unique bracket, your motorcycle remains stable and straight.
Wheel is fixed by clamping force.
Tinkering and storage is now very easy.
Ideal in workshop, garage, delivery van, etc.
Assembly instruction is included.

steady stand
Click on the image below for the Tire Fix, tension strap set for motorcycle
TyreFix Tensioning set for motorcycle

acebikes, motorsteunen Steady Stand

  • ProductcodeACE190
  • Brand Acebikes
  • Category Motorfietssteun
  • Standard stock
  • Professional quality
  • Easy assembly
  • Properly packaged
  • 30 days return policy
  • Including mounting kit
  • Instruction included


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