Rear lamp Humbaur 951383 left

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Version/Size: Original Humbaur rear light, horizontal LEFT
Brand: Asp?ck
Type: Humbaur horizontal (landscape)
Strength Max: 12 v
Mounting Dimensions: 5-pin connector connection, suitable for Aspock cable sets
Material: Plastic housing
Other: Direction, tail light, brake light, license plate light, rear fog light and equipped with the legally required triangle reflector.

Complete with pre-assembled inner lamps.
Click on the images below for the matching cable sets from Asp?ck

cable set for Multipoint 5m
Cable set 7p 5m cable set for Multipoint cable length 7 m.
Cable set 7p 7m Cable set 13 pin Jaeger L=7m, 5 pins
Cable set 13 p 7m Cable set 13 pole Jaeger L=5m, 5 pins
Cable set 13p 5m Asp?ck logo - Klein (Afbeelding)
  • ProductcodeA2397-L
  • Brand Aspock
  • Category Tail light
  • Connection 5PIN'sbajonet
  • lighting Light bulb
  • Standard stock
  • Professional quality
  • Easy assembly
  • Properly packaged
  • 30 days return policy


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