Turn table type 1100TU , U-model, Ø1100mm U01T110

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Version/Size: ball slewing ring slow traffic 1100mm 10000kg
Brand: La Leonessa
Type: 1100TU
Strength Max: 10000kg
Mounting Dimensions: outer diameter 1100mm
Other: ball slewing ring is used on agricultural trailers and internal transport (max. 25 km/h)

for measurements: see additional image

A= 1100mm

W= 1100mm

C= 980mm

D= 948mm

E= 1060mm

F= 1074mm

G= 11mm

load capacity max. 10000kg

own weight 65kg

  • ProductcodeAA5658
  • Brand La Leonessa
  • Category Ball slewing ring
  • Diameter 1100 mm
  • Standard stock
  • Professional quality
  • 30 days return policy


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