Braked torsion axle Knott 1500 kg shoe 1200

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Version/Size: Torsion axle braked 1500 kg Knott VGB 15
Pad size: 1200 flange size 1670 mm
Brand: Knott
Type: VGB15
Strength Max: carrying capacity 1500kg
Mounting Dimensions: Wheel connection 112 x 5 (Mercedes).
Other: Pad size 1200mm and flange size 1670mm. Fixing plate 60*300mm, mounting holes 170 and 260 center to center and axle body square 80 mm.

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Order Knott Brake Cables separately. Brake cable connection ø 22

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torsion shaft information

More information about pad size/flange size explanation pad size and flange size torsion shaft

  • ProductcodeAS1500K.1200
  • Brand Knott
  • Rem type 20-2425/1;
  • Category Torsion shaft
  • Capacit 1500 kg
  • Flange size 1670 mm
  • Pad size 1200 mm
  • Axle type VGB15-MV
  • Wheel connection 112 x 5
  • Professional quality
  • Easy assembly
  • Properly packaged


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